Mike Stone’s Book — Wholistic Guide to Health in Hard Times

Mike Stone’s Book — Wholistic Guide to Health in Hard Times
Henry Makow


If you can understand that ‘all disease’ is from ‘toxic stuff we ingest,

both body and mind’ and would quickly like the see the ‘what and why’ to do about it.”

by EG

Mike Stone’s fascinating book while mentioning side effects of covid-19 vaccine, goes deeper than that to all things that affect our health.

With hard data references to some of the pioneer doctors that we can easily see they were trail-blazing deep into our health issues.

My favourite part to this easy-to-read heartfelt health book is how the punch line leads us closer to God and deeper into ourselves.

If you can understand that ‘all disease’ is from ‘toxic stuff we ingest, both body and mind’ and would quickly like the see the ‘what and why’ to do about it.

I highly recommend you spend a little on your health and buy it.

Reversing the Side-Effects of Covid-19 Vaccine by Mike Stone

Pg 13–Detoxing is where to start, once you nourish your body properly.

Dr. J.R. Tilden pioneered Toxemia Explained.

Dr. Max Gerson says nourish first, then detoxify.

Dr. Weston Price a dentist that travelled the world studying indigenous people and developed the optimal human diet.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez had great success in curing cancer prescribing clean organic raw liver.

Dr. Richard Schulze the only doctor reviewed of current times found Echinacea is one of the strongest immune stimulators.

Dick Quinn (relaying on Dr. John Christopher) found cayenne pepper heals the heart conditions.

Pg 14—The incredible Coffee Enema detox by Dr. Max Gerson

Pg 17—One of the best most valuable meats to eat is clean-organic raw liver.

Pg 19—The outstanding benefits of the herb Echinacea, and cayenne pepper.

Pg 23—How and why juicing is VIP and life saver.

Pg 26 –16 oz of cucumber juice each day keeps the doctors all at bay.

Pg 31 + 32 –What to make sure you are not ingesting and what you should ingest.

Pg 33–Why distilled water is a must.

Pg 41–In healing yourself, how Forgiveness becomes the master healer.

Pg 52–Sunshine au natural is a must, just as all living things need it to grow so do we need it to grow our healing.

Pg 55—Sleep is the king aspect of healing within, it is literally the only time we do heal inside.

Pg 59 — How honesty works to heal. Every time we lie we weaken our immune system.

Pg 62 — Pride is the biggest blockage to admit things about ourselves.

Pg 64 – Ignorance exists because people do not seek the truth.

Pg 65 –Depression stems from our body’s reaction to living in an unnatural society.

Pg 67 — Dr. Price explains the optimum diet for humans to consume.

Pg 70 — How we can deal with people that are a ‘dope’.

Pg 71 — “When a person’s livelihood depends on a system of lies, it’s very hard to get them to acknowledge the truth.” (The 1900s was the era of dumbing down humanity, to the point of where we are today).

Pg 74 –Stone’s best advice is be sure to requite God’s love and healing will happen.

Pg 83 — Over 90% of humanity make decisions based on emotions, not facts and evidence.

(Listen to the song ‘We Are the World’ and as it goes through ‘let’s start giving’ think of it as ‘care to ourselves’; ‘we’re saving our own lives’)

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Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

1. 2020 No Pandemic

There was no pandemic in 2020, no excess deaths compared to previous years.

+ 2. 2021 Vaccine Genocide

The vaccinated are hurt and dying and overall death rates and injury rates have increased in 2021 since the rollout of these killer “Vaccines”.

= 3. 2022 The People Take Back Our World

Arrest those responsible or get out of the way and let us arrest them to end this genocidal plot.

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