The Bottom Line | We are at War | 2022 Is The Year We Take Back Our World

Dylan Eleven | | Dec 29 2021

“The bottom line” was a phrase I was known for using when I was a stockbroker. It is a very useful summary statement.

When explaining a highly complex investment product, with a 150 page prospectus which has to be understood by the client, after careful explanation of the document I always summarized the complexity with a simple statement, “the bottom line with this is….”

This focused statement covered the entire concept of the investment product. The part the client needs to know to make a informed investment decision. This was the closing line that resulted in the sale.

This strategy won me many clients and many sales, as people got the complexity with a simple focus.

When it comes to the Covid scam and killer vaccine;

We have looked at all of the huge amounts of information, the actions of doctors, politicians, governments and police.

We have all witnessed the human rights violations, the destruction of economies and personal incomes.

We saw no increase in deaths in 2020 as there was no pandemic.

We are seeing deaths and injuries that have been caused by these so called vaccines. And overall death rates have increased considerably in 2021 due to the vaccine.

Studies have shown that 95% of all who died who were vaccinated, did in fact die because of the vaccine.

We see our governments continue to lie and cover up the deaths and push for more to be killed by vaccination.

And we see worldwide they are now coming door to door to vaccinate with a killer injection.

After analyzing all of this (as I’m sure you have done also) we come to the “bottom line statement, the one liner that sums up all the information, that makes the sale or in this case clarifies our position and our needed course of action:

The bottom line is our governments are genocidal and have declared war against their own people. And they need to be stopped by us, the human race.

We are at war and must defend ourselves accordingly. We must also go on the offensive to arrest those responsible, halt the vaccine rollout and provide immediate help to those who have been tricked into taking a deadly injection.

This should be the focus of police, army and citizens in unity. The rise of the people.

The army has a saying.

“Lead, Follow, or get out of the way.”

Police and army lead the arrests and stand with the people or get out of the way and let us arrest those responsible to end this genocide.

2022 is the year we take back our world.

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