Growing our new civilisation: Awakened Pages spearheads the rebirth of community

Growing our new civilisation: Awakened Pages spearheads the rebirth of community
The Liberty Beacon / Steve Cook

Intro by Steve Cook

By “Community” we are talking about community at local and national and – who knows? – eventually global level.

Below is a text quoted directly from the Awakened Pages project.

This is a very important and dynamic project which we heartily endorse. We urge you to check it out and join the movement if you haven’t already done so.

This and projects of similar high calibre are the future – a future a hell of a lot freer, happier and more vibrant than the dreary nightmare salivated over by Klaus Swab and his fellow globalist sociopaths.

The objective of this group is to grow an “awakened” community and to be there to support each other and our awakened business owners. These small businesses, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, tradespeople, holistic therapists, financial advisers etc. are going to be of huge importance to us all moving forward to help us create our own version of “old normal” and allows us to create some sanity in a crazy world.
Visit our online directory and flick through the various listings. New businesses are being added every day and we post about them in this group so you are alerted as they are added.
Our goal is for all of us to stop wasting our hard-earned money with Amazon, McDonald’s, Starbucks, the large supermarkets and the big corporates, as well as the small businesses who do not value our custom and do not share our core values. Instead we want to go out of our way to support our own awakened business owners to help them survive and thrive in these difficult times and to allow us to protect our old ways of doing business as much as we can.
EVERY pound in your pocket is a “protest” pound and your wallet is a powerful weapon in this fight.
Please can we ask for your patience while we build the directory as we have quite a task to get as many UK awakened businesses listed there as quickly as we can?
If you have an awakened business, please join the directory ASAP. There is a post in the announcements section which explains everything you need to know.
There are some great businesses on the directory already who sell nationally, as well as many who operate locally, so check them out and if you can give them a call and buy their product or service. Some wonderful experiences await you…
The world is what WE make it…





Awakened Pages – welcome to the future!

OUR great reset is happening

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