UK plans to test EVERY school child TWICE this week

UK plans to test EVERY school child TWICE this week
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Off-Guardian – Jan 3, 2022

New plans, announced before Christmas, will require every secondary school pupil in the UK to take an on-site Covid test when school resumes after the Christmas break.

The government plans, allegedly to “monitor” Covid infection in students, go on to suggest that every child should receive a follow-up test 3-4 days later.

The tests being used are lateral flow tests, which have repeatedly been shown to be completely unreliable, and can test positive using apple juice or coca-cola.

There are roughly 3.5 million school pupils aged 11-16 in the UK and they plan to test them all twice.

If just 2% of them test positive just once, the media will scream about 140,000 new “cases” of Covid in children.

Further, the “recommendations” suggest children should then continue to be tested twice a week, every week, or “more frequently if asked to do so”:

Secondary, college and university students and education staff and early years staff should then continue to test themselves twice a week, and more frequently if they are specifically asked to do so, such as in the event of an outbreak.

At least 7 million lateral flow tests per week, every week.

It’s not hard to see where it goes from there, with the headlines blaring that lack of social distancing over the holidays gave rise to a “fourth wave” (or would it be fifth? I’ve lost count).

I would start preparing for a new lockdown, if I were you.

UK plans to test EVERY school child TWICE this week


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There was no pandemic in 2020, no excess deaths compared to previous years.

+ 2. 2021 Vaccine Genocide

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= 3. 2022 The People Take Back Our World

Arrest those responsible or get out of the way and let us arrest them to end this genocidal plot.

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