Quebec reinstates ridiculous, unscientific curfew

Quebec reinstates ridiculous, unscientific curfew
News – Rebel News / Alexandra Lavoie

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Yanky Pollak is back in Montreal from Florida to cover what we call here in Quebec: the war measure called curfew!

Myself and Yanky have been chasing the action in the streets of Montreal to know if this time around, the SPVM will reintroduce surveillance and hand out fines to people like they did during our previous curfew, or couvre-feu.

The province of Quebec is the only place in Canada where the measures are at this extreme level — all while having the highest rate of vaccination in the country.

Complete lockdown, curfew, vaccine passports, all shops closed on Sundays — what else will be coming next?

The government wants to promote vaccine booster shots and it seems likely that this is why they are shutting everything down again.

We expect that will be big this time, and the stories should be quite interesting!

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