Canadian lawyers introduce The Free North Declaration to end covid fascism

Canadian lawyers introduce The Free North Declaration to end covid fascism / Ethan Huff

Image: Canadian lawyers introduce The Free North Declaration to end covid fascism

(Natural News) A team of Canadian lawyers is pursuing justice against the country’s highly oppressive Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions and mandates.

They put together a petition called The Free North Declaration that outlines a pathway forward to return Canada back to the freer country it used to be before the plandemic.

“We are Canadian lawyers,” the Declaration explains.

“In our country, civil liberties are under unprecedented attack. Governments, public health authorities, universities, public and private employers, municipalities, and businesses are trampling Canadians’ rights and freedoms. Our free society is at risk.”

Canada’s extreme restrictions are impeding the ability of citizens to work, shop, travel and socialize, the document further states. And all of this is being strategically done, the lawyers contend, to erode civil liberties in such a way as to avoid “run[ning] afoul of the law or to trigger protections in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms such as liberty and security of the person, the freedoms of association, assembly, expression, conscience, religion, and mobility rights.”

“Where Covid rules appear to have violated the Charter, courts have deferred to the state to take whatever measures it deems necessary, whether demonstrably justifiable or not,” it further states.

Trading liberty for security is a fast-track to tyranny

Canada has even gone so far as to introduce concentration camps for the Fauci Flu where Canadians can be sent for “cleansing” from the virus.


Those camps are currently said to be voluntary, but as we noted, restrictions that have started out voluntary (i.e., masks and vaccines) quickly became mandatory once government officials realized that many people are blindly pledging their allegiance to the plandemic with their compliance.

“Legislatures have passed statutes that delegate broad discretionary powers to unelected public health officials, who then create draconian legal restrictions by fiat, without public scrutiny or open debate,” the Declaration says.

“These directives give private and public employers cover to suspend and dismiss workers who insist on their right to decide their own medical treatments. In our system of law, no principle is more important than the right to control your own body and to make your own medical and health decisions.”

Because many people were driven into a frenzy by media hysteria and government propaganda, selling such tyranny was apparently easier than anticipated. This is why it continues to expand, especially in more left-leaning areas where the populace has been groomed and brainwashed into submission.

“An anxious populace, swept up in a deliberate campaign of fear, now believes that individual liberties upon which our liberal democracy is founded are dangerous and selfish,” the Declaration further warns. “A growing collectivism that demands safety at the expense of autonomy shapes public policy.”

Even the court systems have been radicalized into covid fascism, despite the fact that they are supposed to neutrally defend people’s constitutional rights. Like the United States, Canada has its own constitution that delineates the rights of its citizens, and many of these rights are now being trampled in the name of “saving lives.”

“Access to justice and the rule of law are now at risk,” the Declaration adds.

“Unvaccinated persons are banned from juries, throwing into question the ability of all to obtain a fair trial heard by a jury of their peers. Irrational policies born of panic affect no one more than disadvantaged communities who already suffer from lack of access to justice.”

The situation is serious, both in Canada and here in the United States. What these lawyers are doing is valiant and worthy of support. Take some time to read the full Free North Declaration to learn more.

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1) 2020 No Pandemic, No Excess Deaths

There was no pandemic in 2020, no excess deaths compared to previous years.

2) 2021 Vaccine Genocide, Deaths Up 40%

The vaccinated are hurt and dying and overall death rates and injury rates have increased in 2021 since the rollout of these killer “Vaccines”.

3) 2022 The People Take Back Our World

2022 is the year of the tiger. The year we go on the offensive. Every person who know the truth can take back our world:

Immediately halt the vaccine roll out

This is done by the people. Everyone tells every person who is giving out the jabs to that they are murdering people and we know it and will hold them personally liable. Be silent no longer. Go to the source. Block the rollout. Ten Million people each day are being put on an irreversible countdown to vaccine death. This must stop now.

The police must do their job and arrest those responsible for this genocide

This is accomplished by everybody going to your police station and delivering proof of genocide and a demand for them to do their job and arrest based on evidence provided. Arrest those responsible or get out of the way and let us arrest them and end this genocidal plot.

Masks of slavery and obedience must be removed

This is done by everyone who knows the truth must inform anyone wearing a mask that there is a big movement for people to remove their masks of slavery that are hurting them. They should join with this movement amd be free of the mask.

Also many people who are aware of the truth wear masks at certain times; there must be a zero compliance policy put into affect. Never put a mask on again for any reason.

• Help those who have been vaccinated

There is a ticking time bomb in every vaccinated person who did not get a placebo. This must be the immediate focus of every true health care provider. The vaccine must be detoxed and assistance given to reverse the damage. Inform those who have been vaccinated that they need help before it’s too late.

Armed the truth, united we stand and actively take back our world.

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