COVID Nazis? German mom has kids ripped away from her for questioning pandemic restrictions

COVID Nazis? German mom has kids ripped away from her for questioning pandemic restrictions / JD Heyes

Image: COVID Nazis? German mom has kids ripped away from her for questioning pandemic restrictions

(Natural News) There hasn’t been a Nazi party in Germany since the end of World War II, but increasingly, in the hysteria over COVID-19, which sickens and kills far fewer people than we’ve all been led to believe, you would think that elements of that brutal regime were alive and well and functioning within the country today.

Prior to COVID-19, Germany was mostly democratic like the bulk of Europe, but this virus has led to more tyranny on the continent than any seen in decades, as evidenced by the tale of a mother who has had her children violently taken from her for the ‘high crime’ of questioning pandemic restrictions that appear to her to be nonsensical.

The RAIR Foundation reports that she recently “had her home raided and her children violently removed by police and child protective services,” and now the kids are being kept in a state facility, which cannot be better for them than their own home, while the mother pleads for help after being kept away from them for more than 45 days, as of this writing:

On November 15, 2021, Maria reports that German police and child protective services broke into her family’s apartment. They physically overwhelmed her and violently separated Maria from her children. The children were then thrown into a foster care facility in Treptow-Köpenick.

This past year, Maria did not have her children attend school due to the harsh Covid requirements. The Court claims they removed the children due to Maria’s noncompliance with school attendance. However, Maria repeatedly petitioned the children’s school and its board to allow her kids to participate in distance learning. However, she was flat out denied. Furthermore, the school would not address her safety concerns surrounding face masks and repeated covid tests of the school children.


The mother went on to say that the manner in which German authorities carried out the raid “was orchestrated to be as dramatic as possible.” In addition, she said, “to have done all of this in the name of child welfare to justify the action as such is pure mockery.”

The foundation noted that Maria’s children were forced to quarantine beginning around Dec. 14 at a dismal state facility where they have essentially been imprisoned after one girl who did not exhibit any symptoms tested positive for COVID. The kids were then sent to isolation for a week and were supposed to be tested again to see if they could be removed from isolation.

Maria, however, prohibited the facility from testing her kids, likely because she suspected that the tests would be used to further isolate and imprison them. But the state facility coerced her kids into allowing the testing even though they were asymptomatic. And, one of her children did test positive and then both of them were once again forced to isolate, even remaining in quarantine over the Christmas holiday through Dec. 31.

“I made a request to the child protective services that my children return home for the Christmas holidays, placing myself in quarantine with them during their stay, but I received no response,” said Maria.

As of this report, the children remain in state custody. Maria told the foundation that her children are extremely homesick and that they miss their mother terribly.

She also said that her 9-year-old daughter breaks out in tears every time she talks to her on the phone. No one at the facility takes the time to engage with her children or any of the other kids, and they did not get to celebrate the holidays at all.

Still, she told the RAIR Foundation: “I must honestly say, my two children still have it better than the other children, locked up alone in their rooms at the facility because they are together.”

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