Smashing US-Orchestrated Violence in Kazakhstan

Smashing US-Orchestrated Violence in Kazakhstan
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

Violence in Kazakhstan since January 2 has hegemon USA’s fingerprints all over it.

What’s gone is similar to US-staged color revolution attempts in other countries since 2000.

Some succeeded. Others failed.

Russian intelligence likely knew of the plot against Kazakhstan in advance and prepared to react if called on by its ruling authorities.

According to Article 4 of the Collective Security Treaty Organization’s (CSTO) charter:

“If one of the Member States undergoes aggression (armed attack menacing to safety, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty), it will be considered by the Member States as aggression (armed attack menacing to safety, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) to all the Member States of this Treaty.”

“In case of aggression commission (armed attack menacing to safety, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) to any of the Member States, all the other Member States at request of this Member State shall immediately provide the latter with the necessary help, including military one, as well as provide support by the means at their disposal in accordance with the right to collective defense pursuant to article 51 of the UN Charter.”

“The Member States shall immediately inform the United Nations Security Council on the measures taken on the basis of this article.”

“When implementing these measures, the Member States shall adhere to the relevant provisions of the UN Charter.”

Russian and other CSTO peacekeepers are in Kazakhstan legally — according to what Article 4 calls for.

There’s no ambiguity about Washington’s imperial aims, about its orchestrated violence in Kazakhstan.

It’s the latest example of its aim to transform the world community of nations into vassal states, their resources looted, the people exploited as serfs.

Russia has been on to hegemon USA’s dirty game for some time.

Together with peacekeepers from other CSTO countries, Russian ones in Kazakhstan are effectively smashing the US plot.

On Sunday, a statement by its Foreign Ministry said the following:

“(T)he situation in (Kazakhstan) is gradually improving.”

It’s happening swiftly after Russian and other CSTO peacekeepers arrived in the country.

They responded to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s request for help.

“Economic activities…are returning to normal.”

“Passenger train (and public transportation) services have been restored in full…”

“(O)peration(s) of some of the national payment systems has stabilized.”

“(S)tate support will be provided for small and medium-sized businesses that suffered from looting” and destruction.

Since externally planned in advance violence erupted on January 2, an estimated $200 million in wanton destruction occurred.

In Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, foreign-recruited terrorists were routed from government buildings.

Thousands were arrested, their identities and sponsors being established.

According to Khbar-24 television, one detainee said the following:

“Some strangers called me over the phone…to participate in the rally in exchange for 90 thousand tenge (over $200).”

“Since I am unemployed in Kyrgyzstan, I agreed.”

His transportation and living quarters were provided by unidentified sources.

According to the detainee, around 10 other recruits from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan lived with him.

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) executive secretary Sergey Lebedev explained the following:

It’s “obvious today that the destructive elements, the bandits were preparing for mass rallies in advance to destabilize (Kazakhstan) and had foreign support,” adding:

“These provocateurs, guides, and sponsors of the so-called color revolutions and riots in the CIS these days declare with feigned pride their leading role in criminal acts in (Kazakh) cities…”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made similar comments, saying:

Orchestrated violence in Kazakhstan was “a foreign-inspired attempt to use armed and trained groups of people forcibly to undermine the security and integrity of the state.”

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said elements involved were “financially motivated” — vowing a continued tough response to crush what’s gone on.

On Friday, Russian US envoy Anatoly Antonov said the following:

Moscow “views the externally provoked violent developments in the friendly country as aimed to disrupt its security and integrity.”

“We will assist efforts to restore normal life in Kazakhstan.”

In similar fashion to how US-dominated NATO smashed and/or destabilized numerous other countries since Soviet Russia’s dissolution in 1991, foreign intervention in Kazakhstan pretends to be “defending human rights and democracy.”

Abhorred by US/Western regimes, their ruling authorities tolerate them nowhere — not at home or abroad.

On Sunday, Kazakhstan’s acting interior minister Yerlan Turgumbayev said “anti-terrorist operation(s) to restore law and order in the country continue,” adding:

“As of (January 9), the situation has been stabilized in all regions of the country.”

Kazakh security forces and CSTO peacekeepers are eliminating the foreign-orchestrated terrorist threat.

Scores of pre-trial investigations of murders, violence against government officials, looting and hooliganism were launched.

Turgumbayev explained that over 400 vehicles were destroyed, mostly police ones.

Over 100 businesses and banks were looted.

As mopping up operations continue, things remain tense in parts of the country.

In response to interventionist Blinken’s Big Lie claim that “once Russians are in your house, it’s sometimes very difficult to get them to leave,” Russian Foreign Ministry’s Maria Zakharova responded sharply as follows, saying:

“If Blinken likes history lessons, let him know the following one:”

“Once (hegemon USA is) in your house, it’s sometimes difficult to remain alive, not robbed and not raped.”

Separately on Friday, Eurasia Group’s Earl Rasmussen:

“US funds and (supportive) foreign NGOs” are behind violence in Kazakhstan.

“(T)he UK (alone) has over 85 NGOs (in the country), provid(ing) significant funding” to serve Western interests.

According to the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL), an estimated 38,000 NGOs operate in Kazakhstan.

They’re largely funded by hegemon USA in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

The CIA, USAID, and anti-democratic National Endowment for Democracy (NED) are heavily involved in pursuing US interests in Kazakhstan.

Expelling them is essential to preserve peace and stability to the country when fully restored.

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