ANYONE CAN HELP END THE TYRANNY BY DELIVERING THIS PACKAGE TO THEIR LOCAL POLICE STATION | Package proves: “Covid-19 Virus” does not exist and “Covid-19” is a worldwide lie | NOTICE: Trespass and Liability | Cease and desist all “Covid-19” Interference


A historic moment for all people! Citizens of Canada have informed the authorities that the covid-19 pandemic is a WORLDWIDE LIE and that the sars-cov-2 “virus” does not exist.


Emergency Communication to All Ontario Police, filed with Peterborough Police

Posted on December 18, 2021

On December 18, 2021, with only 24 hours notice, poor weather and only a week to go before Christmas, over 50 men and women peacefully and honorably filed an Emergency Communication at Peterborough Police Service. 

Click here or here for videos.

The Open Letter / Emergency Communication to All Men and Women Serving with Ontario Police is sealed by common law teacher Christopher James of the Pritchard family, Gabriel Gilles of the Proulx family [who serves as Constable with the Ontario Provincial Police], Liam James of the Brechin family, Timothy Miles of the Calhoun family [Retired Deputy Chief/ Fire Service 31 years], and myself, Christine Anne of the Massey family, under penalty of death.

Scott Rogers, who serves as Staff Sergeant (badge #162), received the following items: 

  • the open letter (also shown at bottom of page) containing a brief Statement of “COVID-19” Facts showing that the alleged “COVID-19 virus” aka “SARS-COV-2” has never been shown to exist, a Notice: Trespass and Liability, a Statement of General Facts; a Cease and Desist regarding all “COVID-19” interference and all other unlawful interference, etc.;
  • Letter of Support signed by roughly 50 people (shown further below);
  • copy of an email advising that Scott Gilbert, a man who sometimes acts as Chief, Peterborough Police Service, is required to unblock my email address;
  • a USB key containing the files shown in the screenshots below (including the Freedom of Information responses from around the world showing that health/science institutions have no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation/purification) (all files available from:

Scott Rogers provided us the following (Common Law) file number: PB21034159. We made explicitly clear to Scott Rogers that we were not “submitting” a “complaint” or a filing a LEGAL notice.

Scott Rogers, Staff Sergeant was very polite and pleasant. 

Unfortunately Scott made the mistake of repeatedly trespassing against the public by denying use of our public washrooms to the men and women delivering the Emergency Communication.

Scott also appeared confused regarding the actions of men and women serving with Ontario Police. He repeatedly alleged, quite erroneously, that Police are “neutral” with respect to “COVID-19”, when in fact they have trespassed innumerable times against the public and within their own ranks by imposing and enforcing irrational, unlawful, fraud-based restrictions and requirements.

Nevertheless, we stand with Ontario Police in their right to be free of unlawful coercion in the workplace. We have ALL been lied to.

The Open Letter / Emergency Communication

A big Thank You goes to common law teacher Christopher James of A Warrior Calls for all his guidance and support on this!! Tune into Christopher’s podcasts every Monday and Thursday evening, 8 pm EST.

Update December 30, 2021:


  • Notice: Trespass (OPP File Number: 2545021-0051) on September 13, 2021, at the service corporation ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE;
  • Notice: Trespass (File Number: SM 21028560) on November 12, 2021, at the service corporation SAULT STE. MARIE POLICE SERVICES BOARD (see hereand here;
  • Notice: Trespass (File Number: SU 21084581) on November 30, 2021, at the service corporation SUDBURY POLICE SERVICES BOARD (see here and here).
  • Notice: Trespass, Liability, Cease and Desist (File Number: PB 21034159) on December 18, 2021, at the service corporation PETERBOROUGH POLICE SERVICES BOARD.
  • Notice: Trespass, Liability, Cease and Desist (File Number: CB 21001050) on December 22, 2021, at the service corporation COBOURG POLICE SERVICES BOARD.
  • Notice: Trespass, Liability, Cease and Desist (File Number: PH 21006520) on December 22, 2021, at the service corporation PORT HOPE POLICE SERVICES BOARD.
  • Notice: Trespass, Liability, Cease and Desist (File Number: PR 210433509) was left with Staff Sergeant Harris (#2533) on December 29, 2021, at the service corporation PEEL POLICE SERVICES BOARD (see our failed attempt at headquarters here, and our successful attempt at 22 division: 1:40 – 5:00, and 13:10 – end of audio, here).


Below is a more general version of the letter (not focused on Peterborough), for use throughout Ontario. (It can be adapted for other provinces and countries as well.)

Be sure to add the names of your local police service board members to page 3 (add an extra sheet of paper if necessary), fill in the necessary details on page 4, add your name to the top of page 6 (only if you wish to state “under penalty of death”), and on the last couple of pages add your thumbprint and contact information.

Be sure to scan a copy for your records.
Word version, editable:

Download the evidence files from and put copies on a USB key to go with your filing and keep copies for your records.

And here is the Letter of Support, that can be signed by additional people at the police station. (Take a photo of the signatures for your records.)

We made it explicitly clear to the police we were not “submitting” a “complaint” or a filing a legal notice, but rather a common law communication and that we required a file number (they referred to it as an “incident” number).

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