Statistics that state vaccinated vs unvaccinated are not telling the true story | Remember they call the vaccinated, unvaccinated due to certain ridiculous criteria

Dylan Eleven | | January 14 2022

When you see a news headline stating “number of people vaccinated Vs unvaccinated” in a hospital or cases, injuries, and so on, this statistic is not telling the whole story.

Most if not all, are actually vaccinated but have had their status misleadingly changed.

If someone dies or goes into hospital and gets a fake test or goes into hospital due to illness, they are claiming that 4 out of 5 of these people are vaccinated.

Which is showing the majority of problems are in the vaccinated.

But it still shows the lie that the unvaccinated are testing positive for a virus that does not exist, or suffering alongside the vaccinated.

The reality is that someone who got the vaccine within 14 days of receiving the shot, is considered to be unvaccinated.

Or if a person is not up to date on their booster they are considered to be unvaccinated.

So the vaccinated vs unvaccinated number is a lie.

The real statistic should show simply how many people are actually hurt, Injured, showing symptoms, dying or dead that have had one injection or more. Verses how many have had no covid injections at all.

I think you will find that 100% of the excess mortality and injuries are in people who have had at least one deadly and destructive injection of poison falsely called a covid vaccine.

Lying with statistics. Bill gates was reading a book called how to lie with statistics ( top book on the stack in the picture above next to Gates.

Here is one of those lies.

I will have to get a copy of the book and read it to see if this is a listed strategy.

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